Rectangle Wood Board, Bark Edge


A rectangular-shaped board made of cherry wood with a bark edge. Custom-designed and hand-lettered by Maura Healy. Triple-coated sealed and food-safe.

Hand wash only with soap and water. 

Board Size 7" to 10" X 16" X ¾" *Size varies because it is a more natural slab of wood

Important Information: 

Please add your information to the personalization box above. Please be specific with names, dates, details, and ideas you want on your board. Please LIST this information in priority order. 

Although we try our very best to add and fit all the details you give us, it is not always guaranteed. "Less is more," so we can add illustrations and any hand-lettered names, words, and dates. 

If you want to add information or send us an image reference, please email them to within 24 hours of submitting this order. If there is an error or you need to add information, please email us at and include your order number for reference.

All orders are final since they are handmade to order. We will contact you with a photo of your board when it is ready for pick up or has been shipped!